cartier sunglasses new collection 2015 3524012 Aviator Diamond Cut White Buffalo In Silver Blue

excellent and easy to work with.I bought these after I went and had my eyes checked and bought prescription glassesthese work better than the expensive onesI wish I had acquried these first. I needed these for my computer and they work greatAfter searching for a new pair of sunglasses I ordered the Duco Sports Style based on the number of excellent reviews these glasses received. I was very much surprised… Read Article →

cartier buffs white 3524012 Aviator Diamond Cut White Buffalo In Silver Brown

Surprised for under $8 the quality is so good. I definitely will be ordering more. Frames not small, not big. just right.Lovely! Sturdy, stylish, and they look great on both men and women. My 18 year old brother loves them as much as I do. You can’t find better aviators for this price anywhere. The product looks exactly like the picture.These fit well on my face and very affordable. I… Read Article →

cartier rimless glasses replica Black Buffalo In Gold Brown

I love these glasses. I ordered the gold fade. It was exactly what I was looking for. The glasses are very nice quality, doesn’t feel cheap at all. The glasses came with a lil eyeglass pouch and a cleaning cloth. Will unload a pic later. You definitely won’t regret purchasing these glasses.Got these to take on vacation. These were inexpensive and they were exactly what I wanted. Fit was very… Read Article →

cartier frames on ebay 3524012 Round Cut White Buffalo In Silver Blue

The glasses are great, but when we ordered it said the lenses were polarized and they are not.Love these for myself and friendsI was so disappointed. One pair broke the first time I started to put them on. I just didn’t bother with the other two. I have them sitting to use if there’s nothing else. I went out and bought some others ones for everyday. The style is great,… Read Article →

rimless cartier glasses 3524012 Round Cut White Mix Black Buffalo In Gold Blue

Totally beautiful. They look great. I am having lenses put in now, can’t wait to wear them.I’ve had my eye on these for over a year and now I finally bought them! Delivery was expedient and the glasses are exactly what I wanted!I’ve always had a difficult time with safety glasses. I need them, and can’t do certain things without them.but I haven’t experienced a pair yet that satisfies all… Read Article →

cartier sunglasses mens 2017 3524012 Aviator Diamond Cut Wood In Silver Brown

I bought the tortoise gt sunglasses and after having them for a few weeks, I am very disappointed. At opening, I was very excited because they looked great and the metal piece holding the lenses seemed reliable. I noticed some lines across some parts of the plastic frame, but I didn’t think much about them. In less than two weeks, one of the legs of the frame broke off. I… Read Article →

mens cartier frames 7850330 In Silver Brown Gradient

Good quality, nice design and attractive price.These are really cool, love the hard case (a surprise as it was not pictured for some reason?) Also the included soft cloth pouch and polish cloth. These are all nice touches for a pair of sunglasses at this price point. My girlfriend digs them (she steals them from me), I dig them. Aviators will never go out of style, no matter what anyone… Read Article →